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Regular Check ups

Why regular check-up visits is important?

regular-checkupsVisiting the dentist aims to maintain healthy teeth and bright smile for life. It is very important to choose a dentist that you trust and feel comfort. During your first visit the dentist will ask for full information about your Dental and medical health. The doctor then examines your case and explains the required needs of your teeth and sets your treatment plan.

Dental treatment plan will include:

  • Address the main reason for visiting the dentist (dental pain, cosmetic dentistry, cleaning or teeth whitening).
  • Address other problems in the mouth before they aggravate  (such as removing decay before it reaches the nerve or extracting the tooth before it causes significant inflammation, etc.)

  • Preventive measures to avoid problems and pains (teeth cleaning and preventive fillings).
  • Explaining how to maintain and care of teeth and gums (as explaining the correct way of brushing teeth, flossing)

  • Taking diagnostic X-rays. The use of X-rays depends on your age, the extent of the disease and its symptoms. The X-ray helps your doctor in the detection of oral and dental diseases that cannot be seen by visual examination (such as the depth of tooth decay, damage to the jawbones, teeth penetration between the jaw bones and other teeth, tooth abscess, any tumors affect the mouth or jaws). 
In our dental clinics you will find X-ray machines that do not produce any significant amounts of radiation. Yet, You may have to wear a visor lead to protect yourself from any side effects may affect you as a result of your exposure to x-rays.
In the case of pregnant women visit to the dentist, they must inform the dentist of their pregnancy , which shall be considered when  using  X-rays except in cases of extreme necessity.

Frequency of visit?

If your teeth and gums are healthy; you often have to visit the dentist only once a year. If your doctor considers it necessary to provide specific treatment methods such as: dental filling, remove wisdom teeth, or repair a broken crown, you should Schedule your appointments with the specific dentist before leaving the clinic to avoid any problems in the future.