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Smile Makeover

“All human desires are in some way related to beauty” .

smile-makeover-img1Ever wonder how Hollywood stars have such perfect smiles? Not all of them were born with such perfect teeth , and just like them you can easily achieve it with minimal prosthetic intervention.

Do you dream of having a perfect smile ? Besides enhancing your appearance , a beautiful smile can remove barriers to professional and social success and boost your self-esteem. At our clinic , we can help you achieve the smile of your dreams and discover a new , more confident you. We are equipped with State of Art facilities and resources.

smile-makeover-img2Ceramic veneers are a great way to improve your smile! A veneer is a thin layer of translucent ceramic placed over the tooth surface to improve the shape ( the length and the width), the color of the tooth, the imperfections in the alignment, or to protect damaged tooth surface. They need a minimal tooth preparation and in 2 visits you can achieve a perfect smile.

What can Dental Veneers do for you?

  • Brighten front teeth that have permanent stains or discolorations.
  • smile-makeover-img3Cover slightly crooked, chipped, worn or eroded teeth.
  • Improve the shape and length of poorly shaped teeth.
  • Fill big gaps between the front teeth.
  • Correct crowded teeth and small irregularities of the occlusion.

Advantages of Dental Veneers :

  • Achieve aesthetically pleasing and natural looking Hollywood Smile.
  • smile-makeover-img4Require minimal prosthetic intervention on the teeth.
  • Suitable for a wide range of teeth imperfections.
  • Handcrafted for your own unique smile.
  • Changes are instant (2 dental visits) and durable (highly resistant to chipping, fracture and discoloration).

Porcelain veneers generally requires three office visits.

On the first visit , you will discuss with our dentist about the placement of the veneers. We will study your smile and take impressions of your teeth to prepare a wax-up. The “Trial Smile” allows patients to see what their new smile will look like by determining what size, shape and type of veneers, before any work is done.

On the second visit , we will reduce a small amount of the enamel of your teeth to make room for the veneers. An impression is then taken so that the porcelain veneer can be fabricated in the dental laboratory .Then, we will place temporary veneers to protect the teeth while the permanent version is crafted in Lab.

On your third visit , the veneers are bonded on your teeth. The final result with your veneers in place will look like a normal and beautiful teeth. At this time you can leave the dentist’s office with a brand new , beautiful smile !